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The Ardfert Retreat Centre Labyrinth was created by Mr. Ashman and his team in August 2011. It is a classical seven circuit labyrinth

Above all do not lose your desire to walk....

Every day I walk myself into a state of wellbeing .................

If one just keeps on walking everything will be alright.

The Labyrinth is an ancient which represents the reaod of life.Walking the labyrinth can be seen as a metaphor for life's journey, and our spiritual journey, our inner and outer jouney.
There are various forms of labyrinths which date back thousands of years.Labyrinths can be found in almost all religious traditions.
The labyrinth seems to have become a Christian symbol around the second millineum A.D.The most famous one is in the Cathedral in Chartres in France.

Walking the labyrinth is an individual journey.As the paths spiral inwards towards the centre the person may experience a slowing down and a sense of peace.

One of the most intriguing and engaging aspects of the labyrinth; that it heps to reconnect us, somehow with our great unfolding story - the story of humanity, spirituality, theology,quets, belief, wonder, doubt, penitance journey...................

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